Laura Carolina was born in Milan in 1974.
She has always been fascinated by images and of how the great artists of the past represented the world.
Since she was a child she breathed the scent and magic of her father’s oil paintings, leafed through his art books, visited the most important museums in Italy and of lately also throughout the world.
After working for 15 years in the advertising and media environment, she became mother of two wonderful children.
As they grew up they made her rediscover her passion and it was them who encouraged her to return to oil painting. Mixing up the colours and dipping in the paint brushes are a pleasant comeback to those customary gestures which nourish her soul with extraordinary strength!
The in-depth study of the biographies of the greatest Italian artists, their works, their points of view, their views on reality and the visual impact that their works generated, have influenced Laura’s paintings and her constant search for beauty in what she creates.

Award “Jacopo da Ponte”

Special mention “Biennale Milano”

Special mention “Arte sul Naviglio Grande”